gallery art painting of Grégoire Debailly.


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What you must absolutely know

A work of art never does not depreciate. On the contrary, with time, a work of art is developed by the rise of the quotation of its creator and likely to quickly take value while profiting from an exponential progression. If a work of art allures you and that you wish to acquire of it, never give at the following day your decision.

As regards Art, a work is single. It should be seized the occasion when it is presented. It is a true thunderbolt, an act of love. And you will never comfort yourselves to have too much waited the risk to leave an amateur, investor, or collector to acquire it in your place.

Listen to your taste, your heart, your intuition. Make confidence with beautiful, rare, the original. And when well even the artist does not have yet the reputation of large, say you that your heart always has raison.Non only Art makes figure of the one of the best placements compared to the cyclic crises which strike in turn the real estate or the Stock Exchanges of the whole world, but it offers, a whole battery of very interesting tax advantages:right of succession, deductions... The spectacular appreciations carried out on the resales of works of art stimulated the market.

More and more from investors come to Art, eager to diversify their placements, and especially to make safe them, while profiting from tax measurements incitratrices. But especially, before reselling a fabric, the investor has all the leisure to admire it, and to make some profit his family, his friends, and his entourage. The collector of Art results from all the social layers.

The love of Art and the taste for the possession of beautiful works are not reserved for only one elite. In general, the collector of Art is cultivated, gives the image of a character scholar, end, and of advised taste. The collector enriches its inheritance, and its collection of Art constitutes a center of major interest for him and the privileged people, family, friends, and knowledge, which it invites to admire. To collect Art, it is to rise culturally and socially. To make share its passion for Art, it is to offer the pleasure of the eyes, to make work of generosity while inviting to communier in front of the scarcity, the beauty, and the authenticity.

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